Why use Floodcheck®

The Floodcheck® Auto valve is a flood prevention device designed to protect your property from internal flooding by monitoring your water supply.

The Floodcheck® Auto automatically switches off your main water supply if it detects a water leak, preventing water damage, therefore preventing excessive insurance premium renewals and giving you peace of mind.

Water Damage

According to UK insurers, an escape of water claim is 3 times more likely to occur than a theft claim and 13 times more likely than a fire claim.

Insurers received a staggering 3500 claims per day last winter and household damage caused by burst pipes averaged £25,000 per household.

If your home is affected by frozen or split pipes, the stopcock must be turned off immediately, split water pipes require fast and effective repair as the water is at mains pressure and can cause a significant amount of structural and electrical damage in a very short space of time.

Water Damage

The Floodcheck® Auto valve protects your property with four main features, so no matter if you are at home or away from your property, you won’t have to worry about internal flooding.

In order to more easily utilise the Floodcheck® Auto valve, Floodcheck® offers the Floodcheck Remote Switch which can be installed anywhere in your property.

The Floodcheck Remote Switch provides the following options to bypass, vacate and reset the system all at the touch of a button.

Water Damage

Floodcheck® is easy to install. You can find our FAQs, user information and installation guides on our support page

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