About Us

With 3 billion litres of water being wasted every day in the UK and £1.8 million spent each day on Escape of Water damages, it is more vital we save our precious water than ever! Water damage is the single largest risk to UK homes which can cause heartache and disruption. It impacts millions of people each year financially and is a major expense for home insurance providers.

Floodcheck is an international company established in 2011, with a commitment to reducing internal floods in the home and workplace to avoid water being wasted. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, we have been delivering flood intelligence to protect properties and preventing water damage.

We have the planet’s future high in our priorities, we constantly strive to find new and improved ways of saving water and preventing flood damage to lower our carbon footprint and educate others on the importance of looking after our blue planet.

Our Company

Floodcheck® is proud to say that we are a UK based company. For the past 15 years we have not only developed our concepts and products in our Essex based offices, but also carried out our product testing, marketing and even assembly of our product range.


We believe that by employing local people to work with and for us, we can help to put back in to the community and also help promote the skills and knowledge that has helped put the ‘Great’ in Great Britain.

It is said that without the right people, no business can grow – we believe that we are truly lucky to have employees that care, go the extra mile and attribute our success and growth  to not just great ideas and products, but also a loyal, conscientious workforce.


Floodcheck® holds the planet’s future high in our priorities when working on new products, we constantly strive to find new and improved ways of saving water, lowering the planet’s carbon footprint and also helping end users by lowering insurance policies and claims due to leaks.

Whilst our products are assembled here in the UK, we also support other industries worldwide by importing some of the components used in the product’s manufacture.


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