Electric/Battery Stopcock

Electric/Battery Stopcock

Available in UK/EU 15mm & 22mm and USA 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes.

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The best way to stop leaks happening is to have the water turned off, but how many of us do turn the water off when we leave home? We might turn out the light and lock the doors but few of us will get on our hands and knees and turn the water off.

Typically this is because the stopcock is in the most inaccessible place in the house (under the sink unit; beside the toilet; under the stairs or even under the floorboards). Even if you do find it the chances are that it has not been used for so long that it won’t turn off anyway!

This is why we invented the Electric Stopcock. It comes in two parts, the control switch and the valve.

The Electric Stopcock utilises the same basic valve as the “Auto” model but without the functions and facilities. It is battery operated and will enable you to turn the water off at the flick of a switch.

The Control Switch has a pp3 battery fitted internally and a lead from this goes to the valve to control it. The switch can be fitted anywhere using the self adhesive foam pads supplied. Extension leads are also available.

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UK/EU 15mm, UK/EU 22mm, USA 1/2", USA 3/4"


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