High Flow/Low Pressure Motorised Valve

High Flow/Low Pressure Motorised Valve

This product includes a “Water Control Switch”

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Supplied with the Water Control Switch and 2 x 22mm Textite pipe connectors.
Other sizes and adaptors are available. Please ask for details.

Do you need a Floodcheck® that can cope with a much larger flow or a low pressure tank system?

The standard Floodcheck® Auto can easily cope with general household demands but if you need one that is able to deal with a much larger flow, for say a factory or very large house, or a low/no pressure water tank systems,then this is the model for you. It offers virtually no reduction in the flow, and needs no water pressure at all to open or shut the valve.
Various sizes are available to meet your needs. This one will suit most installations, but please contact us if you need more information.

This new Motorised Floodcheck® has all the same monitoring functions as the Floodcheck® Auto model but is capable of supplying the equivalent of 4 large overhead showers at the same time. As such in some cases it may be desirable to disable the Excess flow monitor. It consists of a full bore “flow sensor” and a low voltage motorised valve that sits behind it.

At Floodcheck® we design water leak protection devices to suit your demands. Please give us a call if you need advice or bespoke products.
Automatic battery backup is available in the event of a power failure.

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