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Unbelievably, most homes still have no form of water leak prevention or detection installed, leaving them open to huge damage when a leak or flood occurs. In the UK, insurance companies pay out £1.8 million per day to customers for escape of water and three billion litres of water being wasted everyday, our product can save money and water for our future.

Floodcheck® is a flood intelligence solution that can monitor your water supply all year round. It minimises internal water damage caused by leaks or floods, protecting your property from internal flooding by monitoring the water usage and automatically switching off the mains water supply if Floodcheck detects any of the following:

•   A water leak (or forgotten and continuous running tap)

•   An excess flow of water (e.g. burst pipe or major rupture)

•   Freezing temperatures (e.g. to prevent damage from frozen pipes)

•   24hr Non use (e.g. Floodcheck protects vacant properties by turning off your water supply until you return)

Floodcheck® must be installed by a competent person and should be tested for correct operation periodically. We would recommend that the device is checked monthly.

When installing floodcheck devices the use of putty type sealants e.g. Plumber’s Mate is NOTrecommended (or needed), if used it can potentially block the filters or cause failure of moving parts.

Should you need to  “Reset” the Floodcheck® Auto, simple  instructions can be found on the How to Reset page or by clicking here

Fault Finding

One of the most common reported fault that we receive is that “the water appears to have gone off for no reason”, thankfully this is rarely the case and there is normally a perfectly good reason why the Floodcheck® has stopped the water flow “Floodcheck is doing its job”.

The first thing to check if the water is not working, are the “Warning LEDs” on the Floodcheck® Auto Valve, (not the water control switch).

Instructions for this can be found on the Auto Warnings page or by clicking here.

The second most common reason for ‘no water’ is that a tap has been left running for more than the set time allowed on the Floodcheck®, this is often found to be caused by something as simple as a tap or garden hose that has not been fully turned off.

The Floodcheck® is set at the factory to cut off the water should continuous flow be sensed for over 15 minutes, however this time can be adjusted to meet your needs up to maximum of 40 minutes.

Instructions to do this can be found on the Adjust Flow Time page or by clicking here.

The Floodcheck® will also switch off the water automatically for the following reasons; if there has been no water used for 24 hours; temperature has dropped below 3°C or if there has been a leak or burst pipe.

If you are in any doubt as to whether you have a leak or suspect a burst pipe, you should immediately contact a plumber to ensure that your pipework is made safe and any leaks are stopped, before resetting the Floodcheck® Auto.

You can find other helpful hints and FAQs on the Support Menu or call Floodcheck Support on 0203 9090632